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¡¡1£®Be in charge of servey and research work On titanium industry and relative
industries£¬and then bring forward consult advice to government management
department to strengthen macroscopic control£®In accordance with consign
Of government management department£¬participate in drawing Up industrial
development plan and industrial policies£®
¡¡2£®Collect£¬analyze£¬and release technical and economical information about
domestic and overseas titanium market£¬production£¬operation£¬scientific
research£¬and new product exploitation£®And meanwhile£¬analyze£¬evaluate
operational management,deve opment strategy and technical economical in-
dex for its mumbers and then provide relative consult service£®
¡¡3£®Participate in drawing up and amending standard and norm relative tO
technology£¬economy and management Of China titanium industry£®Inaccordance
with consign of government management department£¬participate in relative
work Of issuing production license£¬and participate in qualification examina-
tion and so on£®
¡¡4£®In accordance with consign Of government management department and
branch member£¬organize specialists to make feasibility attestation Of indus-
trial important investment,innovation£¬development and other projects£¬orga
nize academic or special topic discussion£¬boost technical exploitation and
innovation£¬speed new technology application and technical progress Of the
whole titanium industry£®
¡¡5£®According to national law and statute£¬taking titanium industry¡¯s charac-
teristic into full account£¬draw up"guild regulations & rules"¡£of titanium
industry£¬establishing a guild autonomy machanism£¬specifying the guild
self-administration action£¬aiming at fair market competence£¬rapid market
expansion and product export£¬aiming at protecting legal rights Of branch
member and the whale benefit Of China titanium industry£®
¡¡6£®Coordinate operational cooperation and technical cooperation Of different
enterprises in the industry£¬and organize many kinds Of correlation service£®
¡¡7£®Train technical power and management power for titanium industry£®
¡¡8£®Promote broad cooperation with the same industry in international market£¬
and actively take part in relative international activity IO promote foreign
economic and technical communication and cooperation£¬tO promote import
and export Of China titanium industry£®
¡¡9£®Undertake other things assigned by relative government department

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